Get the hair of your dreams with hair extensions

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are hair additions by means of human or synthetic hair which can be attached in different ways. Hair extensions come in all types of hair, in the form of mats, wefts, keratin or any other type of wax bonding, clip ins and other types of hair enhancement. There are several ways to apply extensions, some of which are more durable than others. They are offered in various colors and textures. Hair extensions are designed to blend in and of course move with one’s own hair. With hair extensions you can create extra volume (expand the hair), create additional lengths or apply color accents in the form of high or low lights.  

What types of hair extensions are there?

Both human and synthetic hair extensions are available and both are available in a variety of colors, textures, styles and lengths. Human hair extensions are usually more expensive than their synthetic variants, but they are of higher quality. Synthetic hair is made of chemically processed fibers, which also does not look real and can be more difficult to stylize. Hair extensions can be attached in a variety of ways, depending on the type of hair, the amount of hair added, the budget and the life span of the hair extensions.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is hair that has all the hair scales on the same side. Some brands have retained hair scales, other brands do not have hair scales and are therefore cheaper. Hair with hair scales should be shaved in one tail by the person who gives her hair (in India, China or other countries). Only because of this can the hair scales point in the same direction. When such a tail would fall on the floor and all the hairs scatter, it’s no longer possible to make Remy because you have to put each hair in the right direction. Cheaper brands hair extensions choose not to use Remy hair as it is collected faster and cheaper. These brands remove hair scales so that this hair dries less quickly. Hair without hair scales is heavily damaged hair and therefore requires intensive care. For this hair you will have to take time for the maintenance and styling. 

What is the difference between hair extensions and volume treatment?

A hair volume treatment is to allow to give more volume to the hair. On average, 75 hair extensions of the length of your own hair are calculated. A hair extension serves to create more length. Because the hairline needs to look good after extension of the hair, hair extension need more hair extensions. On average, for hair extension,  between 125 and 150 extensions are required.

Can you dye hair extensions?

Yes, many hair extensions can just be dyed just like the rest of your hair, but not all brands of hair extensions, though. However, the color on the hair extensions will hold longer than your own hair, so you will have to tackle your outgrowth. If you are not satisfied with your hair color, it is better to dye your hair first and then find the right hair extensions. Some brands have 45 different colors, so there is always one that fits your hair color. 

Hair extensions; the solution for people with thin hair

When you have thin hair, you may want to find a brand whose origin is India. Hair from India is thinner than China, for example. Chinese hair can be used when you have very thick hair but in addition, Chinese hair is very strait. So if you have a slight wave in your own hair, it is advisable to take hair from India  as hair extensions. Some brands, however, use Chinese hair that they have treated to make it finer in structure.

Now that there is nothing more you need to know about hair extensions, click here to order your beautiful hair extensions!